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Toward an End Known

Length: 69 pages1 hour


In a remote corner of the M51 galaxy, the race of Myng'h have lived for tens of thousands of years. For generations, they have been awaiting the time of the Advent, when a group of beings from beyond the stars, known as the Travelers, would sail to their world. So it was foretold by ah'n-Ben, the Creator, and so it must be. Il'Naioth is a respected Elder among her people and has been awaiting this moment her entire life. Yet, the fulfillment of this prophecy is not as idyllic as she had dreamed. When tragedy strikes, she is forced to question her most sacred beliefs. Ultimately, the future of her entire race will depend upon her ability to adapt to the most challenging threat of all – Man.

Based on the novel, "Eden M51."

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