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The Seer, Destiny's Guardian

Length: 21 pages19 minutes


This is a 5000 word short story that introduces the world of The Dragon Isles through the eyes of Liadan, the most powerful seer of her time.

Liadan had foreseen her abduction in a vision only moments before and she knew she had to allow this kidnapping to complete the trial destiny had set before her. When finally presented to King Cyn of Hoxnia as her vision had shown, she allowed herself to be placed into servitude to the crown and waited for the promised grand vision.

When it came to her, she unrolled her best scroll of thin writing leather and with a plumed quill she penned the prophesy that would forever alter the future of her world, the lives of many yet unborn, and especially her own. She phrased it in the language of allegory and filled it with vagaries, leaving unsaid all specifics of critical decisions and actions. She composed the Prophesy of the Seventh Princess.

"Even as there are seven planets in the skies, and as it took seven days to create the world, and as each phase of the moon lasts seven days, and as the musical scale has seven notes, and as the rainbow has seven colors, the seven sons of Cian will bring down the house of Cian upon his untimely but imminent death. Then, in the fullness of time, from the loins of a son of Cian, a seventh princess will be born, the seventh successive princess. She will be born in the seventh month, on the seven day, at the seventh hour of the seventh year of the reign of Cadeyrn the merciless, of Baymoor. The mark of the dragon will be upon her and in the fullness of her own life, she will return prosperity and fortune to the Dragon Isle ."

She laid the quill aside and as she watched the ink dry, she accepted that for the first time in her life, she did not record her vision completely or accurately. She would further compound the small lie hidden in the prophesy with an even larger lie of omission. She closed her eyes and committed every nuance of her vision’s final portion and her future tasks to memory, never to be written.

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