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Bizarre Travel Bible Stories

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It’s not enough to get the Bible into our kids – we need to get our kids into the Bible. Bizarre TRAVEL Bible Stories will make your children’s travel time as much fun as the destination. Hopefully it will for you too!

Use these three wild, wacky, and weird stories you'd be surprised to find in the Bible to help your kids learn some moral truths from Scripture. But beware, this isn't your parents' storybook!

Included is, "Race to Jail" from BIZARRE Bible Stories, and "King in a Suitcase" and “The Madman Chariot Driver” from BIZARRE Bible Stories 2! For ages 7 and up.

About the series, Dr. Gene A. Getz, author of over 50 books including The Measure of a Man, President of the Center for Church Renewal said:

"Simply put, author Dan Cooley's BIZARRE Bible Stories and BIZARRE Bible Stories 2! utilize a vernacular, contemporary writing style intended to reach an audience of children and youth with solid Christian doctrine and practical application. The discussion questions interspersed throughout the text are thoughtfully designed to promote interaction between parents and their children on numerous topics of interest. Cooley's books reflect his passion for providing spiritual food to children in a manner they can easily digest. His attention to detail is evident from cover to cover."

About Bizarre Bible Stories, Melody Carlson, award-winning author of The Gold & Honey Bible and 200-plus other Bible storybooks and books for children said:

“God is infinitely creative, and Dan Cooley is obviously paying attention. These freshly told tales will get your kids hooked on the Bible!”

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