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Organizing Your PUBLIC SPACES (Family Room, Dining Room, Kitchen)

Length: 70 pages34 minutes


This organizing book (one of a series) will help you recognize the effects of clutter, and learn how to concur it within your home's PUBLIC SPACES (living room, family room, dining room, kitchen).

Your home IS and should be your sanctuary – an empty space of possibilities where you start and end each day. It is a daily reminder and affirmation of your individuality, who you are, how you view yourself, and how you view your world. Learning how to organize the right way can support you in focusing on and achieving your most treasured goals, while creating inner peace and serenity for you and your family.

Here are some of the many things this book can offer you:

-Easy to read and understand
-Simple, straightforward and effective information
-Keyword references at the beginning of each paragraph
-Understanding clutter, what it is and its consequences
-How clutter accumulates
-How clutter affects your state of being
-Benefits of an organized home
-Evaluating and defining how disorganization has impacted your life
-Why disorganization occurs
-What’s holding you back from getting organized
-How to motivate myself to organize
-How to overcome and concur clutter
-How to take back control of your home
-How to organize the right way
-How to set organization goals and deadlines
-Steps to having an effective action plan
-Step-by-step instructions for organizing each of the spaces listed
-How to declutter, one step at a time
-How to effectively sort your items
-How to create functional spaces that reflect your true being
-Understanding the purpose of the room
-Understanding the emotional connection attached to each room
-Useful insider tips and design ideas
-How to maintain organization
-How to stay organized
-Inspirational life messages that will empower you to take action

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