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Kingdom of the Sun

Length: 143 pages2 hours


Truth. Hope. Honor. Happiness...In the modern-day Kingdom of Sooryan the meaning of these four words fade as light leaves the sky during sunset...But as reassuring and as promising that the sun will rise again each day, Helena will fight for something that most want, but are not brave enough to make: Change.

Kingdom of the Sun reflects the desire that most of us have to make a change, whether it be in the world or in our own lives, and how we may lack the strength or the courage to do it. The novella highlights the significance of what it truly means to be educated as well as the power that one possesses when they are. It questions what we may value as important and necessary, and challenges several societal conventions. In a kingdom facing political, economic, and educational turmoil, Kingdom of the Sun is reflective of today’s issues, giving its readers not only something to enjoy and relate to, but something they will never forget.

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