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The Henhouse Roof

Length: 297 pages4 hours


born in a quiet country village prior to the onset of the second world war, simon brand’s life is quickly and inextricably interwoven with the clare-thompson family and their country estate which borders the village. his mother moves them away from the village after the war, and an honours degree in economics at cambridge sees him opting for what proves to be a brilliant career as a business/financial consultant in the City.
at the end of a day of goodbyes in Cambridge, his eyes meet those of an exquisitely beautiful young woman through the window of a bus. they smile at each other as their respective buses depart in opposite directions, and despite attempting to find her, he begins to fear they’ll never meet. he dreams about the woman; emily lorenzo de pasquale—who becomes an absent but essential part of his life. in due course, he finds himself leading a bid to save the clare-thompson family company, during which he finally meets emily.
the tragic events that follow prompt his subsequent actions and colour his attitudes for the rest of his life.

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