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The Dixie Virgin Chronicles: Bea (Book 4)

Length: 194 pages2 hours


While Carrie Bradshaw was looking for Sex in the City, the Dixie Virgins were looking for love, marriage and a baby carriage. Best friends since they were in pigtails at summer camp, they're now in their 20s, beating the bushes for Mr. Right and breaking every rule – except the nearly impossible Rule Four!

Bea Adams is heading home to forget another Mr. Wrong and a boss who makes Godzilla look tame. When her car breaks down and bad boy Russ Hammond rescues her, Bea gets more than she bargained for. Can the Dixie Virgins talk her through her predicament?

Russ is a drifter with no destination, until he rescues a woman who makes him long for home. But can he convince Bea his wandering days are over?

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