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Drama Free 2003 (Drama Free #1)

Length: 303 pages10 hours


Ever think you can't have something without compromising who you are to get it?
Lucas "Lucy" Dunn has always believed that being in a relationship would derail her plans for her future, just like they did for her mother. However, she takes offense to the double standard that just because she doesn't want a relationship, she's a slut for having a rotating stock of booty calls at her disposal. She likes sex, but doesn't have the time or desire for something more meaningful.
Brady Manning never expected to be divorced at age 23, only seeing his daughter on the weekends. He's learned how disastrous love can be the hard way, and vows to never put himself in that position again. With a child in the mix, he has to be extra careful about who he lets into his life, anyway.
Until one fateful New Year's Eve night...Lucas asks Brady to pretend to be her date for the evening so that she can let someone she doesn't want anymore down easy. She didn't count on feeling something for him. He didn't count on wanting to be with her. They didn't count on all the drama she was inviting into their life because they couldn't stop themselves from falling in love again.
Drama Free 2003 is a love story told in dual 1st person perspective, with an ensemble cast of crazy characters that shows if love is truly meant to be, no obstacles will prevent it from growing.

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