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Merlin and the Mist of Doom

Length: 52 pages48 minutes


When Merlin and John got back to Merlins quarters he turned around and said. ‘I must tell you young John that the journey you have undertaking is a very perilous one and if you said that you wish not to go then I for one would not hold it against you.’
‘Well Merlin if I stay here all I will be doing would be for me to wait for the mist to come and destroy me, so I might as well die trying to stop the mist no Merlin I will go within the hour.’
‘Well John Rudd there’s things that I have to tell you about so sit yee down and I will begin.’
Then Merlin went to his private cupboard that stood in the corner of the room he picked up a very old looking book and brought it to the table and then sat down and opened the book. He read the book for about ten minutes then said. ‘Now John you must lend me your ears for a while do not ask questions until I am finished, now when you get to the caves of the undead and if you do get the herbs you still have a very long way to go and a lot of dangers it’s not going to be an easy journey John, when you get to the caves you will come up against the Skeletons’ of the dead, and John you will have to destroy all of them before you can get the herbs, if you get the herbs you then must travel to the next part of your journey but John here is my Orb.
You know how to connect with me just rub the Orb three times and ask for Merlin and then I will tell you that its the Mountain Of The Winds there you will meet Igosha the wind wizard when you come face to face with Igosha you must watch his eyes because he will try to hypnotize you then once you are under his spell he will cut your throat.
Now while you are fighting your way to get the herbs I will be looking up on the next parts of your journey, now John have you got any questions.’
‘No sire well maybe just one and that is I can’t carry enough food for a long journey so how can I survive.’
‘Ah yes John I have thought of that after the Mountain of the winds and you are still alive then I will tell you were you can get food I will tell you where to get food as you travel on your journey, now I have instructed the kitchens to make up a bag of food and drink that will last you for three days that should be enough time defeat the Skeletons’ and the wind, you know where the caves of the dead are don’t you John.’
Then came the time for John to go on his journey Merlin was waiting outside of John’s room and when he saw John come out he said. ‘John I have a written message here from the King and it say

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