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Merlin And The Dwarf Of Death

Length: 45 pages47 minutes


then a few minutes later the soldiers drew up in front of arthur and arthur recognized the captain in charge he was the man who first brought the news of the doomed village. arthur said. ‘step down captain and tell me what brings you here.’ when the captain got down he turned and said. ‘I’m sorry sire but the news I bring you is not good.’ arthur said. ‘well come on man what news.’ ‘sire evadeam has abducted guinevere and has taken her to the castle called the three hags.’ ‘that is not strange because we are headed for that same castle now, evadeam must be trying to make us a bit nervous about taking on the castle but it won’t stop me now this makes it even worse for whoever has gwen.’ after the soldiers had eaten and rested they once again set forth and they soon came to a steep hill. when they came to the top of the hill they saw standing in front of them a very large castle. arthur said. ‘this must be where they have taken poor gwen.’ merlin said. ‘yes sire it’s the castle of the three hags and according to gaius it’s guarded by a being called Incubus and we must be careful with this one sire it is not only a monster but it has a brain too and is very clever.’ ‘well merlin we are not without brains are we, we can’t let it stop us.’ merlin coughed and said. ‘excuse me sire but what I have heard about this castle called the three hags is that of all the knights that have entered it not one has returned.’ ‘yes well merlin I am about to change that I will come back out and I will have gwen by my side.’ As they came closer to the castle they came to a dwarf sitting by the road side.
arthur stopped his horse and said. ‘tell me dwarf what name you go by.’
‘well sir knight I go by the name of guivret why do you ask sir knight.’ ‘because i arthur pendragon want to meet the dwarf called evadeam.’ ‘that sir knight I would not advise, you see evadeam is most powerful and unless you are a friend of him then stay clear sir knight.’ ‘well thank you for your warning but I still want to meet him.’ ‘then sir knight travel on the course that you have

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