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Alphas Untamed (Four Novella Collection)

Length: 215 pages2 hours


This 60,000+ word book contains the following four of the hottest werewolf shifter novellas to hit the Paranormal Romance and Erotica bestseller lists in 2013. Assembled as a single volume they include... Drawn to the Pack, Her Wolves Their Bear, Gray Submission and Ravished by Wolves (Volumes 1 & 2).

Please note: If you have previously purchased all of these titles separately, you do not need to buy this book.

Drawn to the Pack

Haley Simmons recently moved across the country desperately searching for a fresh start. As luck would have it, a chance encounter with the handsome owners of the Steele Ranch - Caleb and Paul - could be just what she needs to get her mind off the sexless marriage (and subsequent divorce) she left behind...
However, the brothers have needs as well and must be true to the nature of their beasts - as wolves. A tragedy has befallen them which compels them to claim a new mate and the time for that is now.
Her Wolves, Their Bear

In her young life, Jessi Wilder had always been surrounded by... the same.

Same scenery. Same friends. Same thing every day.

And, for the most part, that was fine with her. After all, bear shifters were a peaceful bunch who only wanted to live and let live. Yet, something always gnawed at the curvy young woman.

The truth was that deep inside she yearned for... the different.

For Jessi, different will never be the same again...

Gray Submission - Taken by the Wolf

He’s the ultimate alpha... She’s his ultimate challenge.
Nurse Karin Lovelace came to work for the head cardiologist at Liberty General Hospital, Dr. Stanton Fields, towards the end of his career. She quickly came to love and admire everything about him. But Dr. Fields recently retired and in his place his handpicked protégé, the brash, confident and talented Dr. Anton Marchand has assumed complete control of his mentor’s position.
Next up for Dr. Marchand - assuming control of Karin’s curves...
Like all of the women at Liberty General, Karin harbors a secret lust for the brilliant and gorgeous surgeon. But she knows all too well that women like her don’t wind up with men like him.
Not ever.
But while she carries a torch of desire for him, she has no idea that his presence in her life is not an accident. The wolf shifter has a painful past and a deep secret has brought him here in pursuit of her and her alone...

Ravished by Wolves - Taken by the Alpha
Lilly Grayson's sexy new boss, Declan Huxley, is rich, good looking and powerful but he also has a secret - a deep, dark secret...
The mysterious entrepreneur was recently injured when he travelling on business. While he recuperates, Lilly stays at his home and acts as his liaison between his office and his sprawling estate.
A shocking turn of events results in a night of wild, unexpected and uninhibited sex that makes her want to howl with pleasure. But, what will Lilly do when she discovers the truth about who he really is and what he wants from her?
The truth will shake Lilly to her core...
Ravished by Wolves 2 - Property of the Pack
After being ravished by Declan like never before, Lilly flees to the relative safety of her apartment. Her solitude doesn't last long though. A surprise visit from him brings shocking news that will rock her world...
Declan's animal presence is overwhelming to her. The memory of their carnal passion is still fresh in her mind, and elsewhere in her body.
With her head still spinning from their last encounter, Lilly soon discovers that Declan has other plans for her. And to her shock, they not only involve him but the rest of his pack as well.
In a flash, Lilly learns that her life will be changed forever and it all begins tonight...

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