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The Hedonia Series Vol. 4: 100 Hot and Sexy Adult Stories

Length: 707 pages11 hours


The 4th Volume in the hugely popular Hedonia Series brings you even more unbridled passion and lust to satisfy the most pent up desires. This collection from 10 different popular authors consists of a wide variety of erotic genres that will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers. No matter what you are into, there is something here for everyone.

All of the 100 stories are exclusive to this specific collection, so even if you've purchased the other volumes of “The Hedonia Series” you can rest assured that you will receive no duplicates between collections. You get the same level of premium high quality content that you’ve come to love with the Hedonia Series.

This volume consists of a box set of 10 ebooks, each containing 10 unique ebooks for a total of 100 stories! The included books are:

Book 1 - 10 Hot and Sexy Naughty Housewives
By Ella M Devereaux
The Country Boy
Kissing Cousins In Law
It was worth a try
Reconnecting Online
Breaking the Friend Code of Honor
A New Type of Wife Swap
Secret Sex Life of a Suburban Wife
Sex With the Bitch Boss
Blue Knights
Knight in Slightly Tarnished Armour

Book 2 - 10 Hot and Sexy Naughty Housewives
By Katherine Drayson
Chelsea’s Sexy Fantasy
Working Up a Hot Sweat
Jennifer Gets Her Fix
She Wanted to Be Seen
Colleague Crush
Strip Poker
Bonding Over Crime
Sex and the Field
The Long Forgotten Fantasy
Sexy Neighbor to the Rescue

Book 3 - 10 Hot and Sexy Interracial Stories
By Derrick Frances
A Sexy Unexpected Encounter
Anger fucking management
Bringing Back Sexy Memories
Hot Night at the Beach
Sex Games
Sex on Wheels
Tamya gets her groove on
The lesson
The Wrong Turn
Uniforms Make Her Wet

Book 4 - 10 Hot and Sexy Interracial Stories
By Abbi Chambers
My Fun Day At the Beach
Best Sleepover With My Best Friend’s Dad
Watching My Step Sister Fuck the Pool Guy
Guilty Pleasures With My Daughter’s Boyfriend
My Unexpected Sexy Roadside Assistance
This Postman Didn’t Need to Ring Twice
Coming With the Hottest Black Girl in Class
Guilty Pleasures – My Stepson’s Desires
Having My Way With My Hot Neighbor
My First Lesbian Threesome

Book 5 - 10 Hot and Sexy MILF Stories
By Dianne Clifton
A Sexy Vacation with the Jones
What Porn Taught Me
This Will Teach My Husband
The Complicated MILF
Marsha Steals a Momma’s Boy
In a Long Beach Condo with Kathy
I Rebounded with Your Mom!
I Made a Pass at my Mom’s Best Friend
Dr. Pink’s Guide to Getting Out of the Friend Zone
A Typical Bondage Field Trip

Book 6 - 10 Hot and Sexy MILF Stories
By Phyllis Daphne Christensen
Why Mom Hates Waiting
Blind Man’s Bluff
My Latest Visit to Lupe Part I
My Latest Visit to Lupe Part II
Sexy Mom Crush Part I
Sexy Mom Crush Part II
Single Mom to the Rescue
I Had Sex With Your Mom
Threesome with a Mom Part I
Threesome with a Mom Part II

Book 7 - 10 Hot and Sexy MILF Stories
By Siobhan Marie Steen
Army Moms Care Package
After School Lessons
Dads Birthday Cake Surprise
Momma Rides Again
Teacher Knows Best
Lonesome Road
Duck Sauce
Jingled Bells
Finders Keepers
Puppy Love

Book 8 - 10 Hot and Sexy Swinger Stories
By Jackie Josie Bryan
What Can a Man Do with Two Women?
Two Ladies Part I
Two Ladies Part II
Four Way Marriage Part I
Four Way Marriage Part II
Priapism Nightmare
Mrs. Marsha Entertains a Boy Band
Sold to the Highest Bidder
Swingers First Time Part I
Swingers First Time Part II

Book 9 - 10 Hot and Sexy Virgin Stories
By Cara Linden
An Interview with a Virgin Girl
Happy Eighteenth Birthday, Boy
I Wrecked My Uncle’s Car...and Paid for It!
My First Sexual Experience with an Older Man
Not Much in Common But

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