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Cosmodots: 01-Susan Sphere

Length: 67 pages58 minutes


How would you feel and what would you do if told you would be "the destroyer of the world" by your confidant, a floating trapezoid? Its revelation that Susan will become Queen Matriarch of Cosmodotia fills her with apprehension and doubt. The giant spider, which hovers over her bed and screams in a language of heat, frightens her.

Ten-year-old twin siblings Susan and Brian Shuford, although they have their squabbles like most children, are a bonded team. After their parents disappear on a business trip, they relocate to their Uncle Claude’s cabin. His innocent introduction of a Cosmosphere transforms the children's dreams.

Welcome to The Cosmodotia Saga which depicts Susan’s journey into the realm of Cosmodotia. “Cosomodots: 01-Susan Sphere” introduces the Shuford family and the mysterious accident which alters the children’s lives. At their uncle’s cabin, he reveals a light-absorbing orb known as a Chewotek. Won’t you join Susan on a journey to discover what happened to her parents and why her future has a potential dark destiny?

“Cosmodots: 02-Vorpin Trees” continues the journey.

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