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Sexed Up Fairy Tales: The Three Army Surgeons & The Robber Bridegroom

Length: 27 pages17 minutes


An erotic reimagining of two classic Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Because what can’t be improved by a dash of dirty sex? Contains sexy retellings of “The Three Army Surgeons” and “The Robber Bridegroom.”

In the first tale, three traveling surgeons perform elaborate procedures upon themselves to impress an innkeeper. But when the servant girl tasked with watching over their temporarily removed organs becomes distracted by her lover, the surgeons learn the hard way what it’s like to use someone else’s body parts.

In the second tale, a beautiful young woman is promised to a rich and mysterious suitor by her father. When the bride visits her suitor’s house in the dark woods, she discovers that all manner of twisted perversions await her inside. Will she escape in one piece, or become another victim of her malevolent bridegroom and his fellows?

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