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The Business & Politics of Sports: A Selection of Columns by Evan Weiner Second Edition

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The Business & Politics of Sports, Second Edition by Evan Weiner.
Everybody in America is paying in some way for sports, whether it is through taxes, cable TV bills, tax breaks or incentives. In a selection of his columns spanning from 1998 to the present, award winning journalist Evan Weiner connects the dots and shows how business, politics and sports are so closely interwoven.
Daniel A. Rascher, Ph.D., Director of Academic Programs at the University of San Francisco, who has used Mr. Weiner’s columns in his electronic blackboard classroom for the past five years, notes, "Evan Weiner understands the nexus between politics and the sports industry unlike anyone else. Evan is able to stir the pot and get at students' passions and emotions about sports, policy, regulation, and politics. His columns and articles are an invaluable resource for any course or program in sport management."
Professor Fred Siegel, author of The Prince of the City: Giuliani, New York, and the Genius of American Life, is a senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute where he focuses on urban policy and politics. He believes, "Evan Weiner's columns are essential public policy reading for those trying to make sense of what is happening with American cities."
"A bagel, cream cheese and an Evan Weiner column are my breakfast fare," says Sheldon A. Saltman, former president FOX Sports. "Evan’s wit and cynicism give an offbeat perspective to the rigors of each day. For me, he’s a "must read."

Thomas P. Rosandich, Ph.D., President & CEO, United States Sports Academy, sums up, "Evan Weiner is a uniquely talented writer with an amazing ability to put everything together for the reader. With his astonishing knowledge of and insight into the sports marketplace, he is able to investigate and simplify complex story lines through his award winning journalism. He is a strong voice and an expert in his field."
Evan Weiner wrote a weekly column for the New York Sun and has written for New York Newsday, the Orlando Sentinel, Metro Philadelphia, Metro New York, the Washington Examiner and msnbc, and was a re-occurring guest on “Politics Live” with Sam Donaldson. His radio commentary “The Business of Sports” aired nationally on a daily basis between June 1999 and June 2006. He is a participant in several Long Distance Learning and electronic blackboard university classes, speaks at colleges across the country, gives talks to civic groups tri-state and, from time to time, on cruises.

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