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Hope 3.0

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As a culture and especially as a country, we have forgotten what hope is. We’ve misinterpreted wishful thinking, fantasy, imagining good times, and expecting life to be without struggle as hope. Most people are pretty much hopeless. They wish they could have a good life, but imagine it will happen without any struggle. The ultimate outcome of that is suicide, lowered expectations, sadness, apathy, and just an all around feeling of being in a funk.
Historically, we've lived through bad economies. pollution, and terrorist threats, including school children drilling for an atomic bomb being dropped on their town and epidemics. The future may have looked bleak, but there was always a feeling of hope. Something has radically changed, but it isn't because we have a more realistic outlook. Realistically, we have more reason to hope than ever in our history.
Hope 3.0 proposes that we are not the end of the world or the end of an era.
If we choose to believe it, we’re at the beginning, a time when we can reinvent ourselves and our way of living, of transferring all we know into creating a life and a world that is much more sustainable, livable, equitable, and even kinder, more compassionate, and full of truly good things. However, this level of expectation requires action--getting up, going out, and looking at the problems full on, and THAT kind of action requires we have a different kind of hope.
Hope 3.0 provides strategies that anyone can use to develop a more positive approach to living. It describes ways to become more hopeful, details actions that will create a hopeful frame of reference, and shows how to develop a hopeful worldview not just for handling the present, but for handing generations to come a future.

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