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With the Oldies blasting and the sunroof open, Rhetta McCarter is enjoying her drive home in Cami, her restored ’79 Camaro, when she witnesses a pickup truck deliberately run down an old man after he crosses the highway. He has no ID, except for one of Rhetta’s business cards. Rhetta’s estranged father complicates the tragedy by telling her he can prove the man was murdered and that she must find the murderer. When Rhetta protests, her father insists he can’t go to the cops because of a small complication: he and the dead man officially died on the same day—in 1973.

Can Rhetta unravel her father’s forty-year-old secrets in time to save him, catch the murderer and protect the bizarre legacy he leaves her? To do it, she and her husband, retired judge Randolph McCarter must head to Vera Mardola, an independent island state in the Mediterranean. Can she stop the killer before the killer stops her?

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