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The Prophetess

Length: 143 pages1 hour


The Prophetess is patterned after Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet, a popular classic for the last fifty years. The Prophetess was channeled from the higher self during a long month of meditation, and answers such meaningful eternal questions as:

What is the purpose of life?
How should I relate with others?
What is the nature of time?

The book can be studied and read from beginning to end; it can be opened and read at random to see what messages pertain to the reader on a particular day, or it can be used as a philosophical reference book for looking up answers on specific topics.

Prema, as outlined in the Foreward by John Maxwell Taylor, has the ability to transmit direct spiritual experience through her voice and the written word. The divine energy flowing from the book to the reader strengthens both the reader’s connection to Prema and the book’s inspirational message.

Written as inspirational philosophical literature, similar to scripture, The Prophetess like The Prophet, has a timeless appeal. It, however, also contains chapters, such as the one on the environment, which make the book relevant to the contemporary reader. The Prophetess’ message is conveyed from the enlightened female point of view, which creates a distinctive work, which will resonate with all readers interested in both transforming their own lives, and uplifting the global community.

Reader’s Comments

“When I read your book, The Prophetess, I received a spiritual experience. I believe I received a form of Shakti-pat influx of energy.”

“I couldn’t put the book down until I was finished. I wouldn’t change a word of it.”

“I turn to your book when I am depressed. It touches my soul and uplifts my spirit.”

“Your book is very profound—your message reaches beyond the ordinary, and never fails to inspire me.”

“ I open your book like the I Ching daily to see what message it has for me. Thank you for sharing your insights.”

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