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Night for the Gargoyles

Length: 16 pages11 minutes


A legion of demons and imps overrun the city of Trebridge.

But Gillen, leader of the four gargoyle guardians, has more problems than the invading demons. One of his squad plots to usurp his command. With St. Edmund's church--the sanctuary that guards the only known portal from the demon world into city-- scheduled for destruction to make way for high-rise condos, Gillen must decide whom to fight. The demons or his rival.

Dare he ask the angel commanders for reinforcements and prove his incompetence?

A short story set in the world of Andor and the inspiration for the book, There Be Demons, to be published by The Grumpy Dragon in 2014. If you enjoy this free story, please review it. Even a couple of sentences will do. Thanx.

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