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Allano's Travels in Chile and Argentina

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Chile, the "long thin country" is explored from top to bottom, from the northern city of Arica and adjacent Atacama Desert to the most southern parts of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, a distance of about 4000 kilometres. Travel by bus, airplane and car-ferry is part of the fun and makes travel interesting and a challenge.

Argentina is always over the mountains to the Chileans, so to get there, the often snowy barrier of the Andean Cordillera must be surmounted by airplane or traversed by scenic roads through mountain passes. A new world is then presented that is much drier and sunnier than Chile, which cops all the rain in southern Fiordland.

The differences between Chile and Argentina covering climate, scenery, geology, immigration, development and trout fishing are pondered upon. The mining industry gets examined as does the wine industry in both Chile and Argentina.

Allano is an enthusiastic trout fisherman and always carries a rod to test out the waters encountered. New Zealand fly-fishing methods are successfully applied in the Chilean and Argentine Lake Districts and Tierra del Fuego. This expose of travel experiences should inspire others to venture forth into this wonderful part of the world.

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