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Space Maid

Length: 23 pages20 minutes


The distant future. An alliance of three space-faring species have built a gigantic spaceship called the Castle. It follows a very rigid social structure, in which each individual is assigned a Purpose. Doctor, Soldier, Maid... Humans exist within the castle, but as a servant species, assigned only to lowly Purposes, composed entirely of women. What's more, the Overlords, the governing species, have decided to experiment on human genome with the SB gene, designed to make the women better servants. Unfortunately, it is only active in crushingly few individuals.

Among these humans is Samantha, a humble Maid tending to a military sector. One day, she learns that she is one of the few with an active SB gene. And thus, even if she is particularly rebellious for a human, they give her the supreme human Purpose : Royal Maid. Close servants of the Overlords, chosen for their docility. But Sam isn't docile. She believes the human race is meant for more than serving, and doesn't want to be a sexy, fetishized maid.
Thing is, the SB gene doesn't give her a choice...Indeed, it is able to turn the poor human's own mind into a brainwashing device.

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