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Hades, Kansas Part4

Length: 28 pages


Hades, Kansas, a graphical novel of alternate history, is set in the near future. The United States has been devastated by a series of Soviet Nuclear Strikes following tight on the heels of a North Korean biological terror attack. Using ICBMs much more capable and accurate than anyone had ever forecasted, they rained viral destruction down upon the heartland of our once-great country while the Soviets took out most of our coastal cities with nuclear-tipped missiles before being obliterated themselves. Most of the population is either dead or in a near-death, near-coma state that renders them unable to talk or function, ambling about the countryside and sleeping in cellars. A small band of unaffected survivors, scattered across what's left of the United States and hampered by the complete destruction of the Internet and most of our functional telephone system, struggles to survive the coming nuclear winter and tries to make sense of what cellular damage has been done by the bioweapons. Will Karl and his small rag-tag team of survivors aided by Aliina, a hybrid now human but affected by the attack as well, be able to find a cure in time to reverse the effects and possibly restore humanity before we blink out completely?
The first issue in a series, 25 pages, about 500 words.

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