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Negril Beach: Two Stories of Jamaica

Length: 61 pages47 minutes


Two stories set in spectacular Negril, Jamaica. Ashanti: In this hilarious romp, Ivor Blake, a down & out beach huckster is given a tough assignment by an American tourist and does his best to complete it successfully according to the noble tradition of is imagined ancestors. Along the way we meet Marlin, a cabbie and ex-boxer, CoCo, a pimp and looming danger, and Claudia, a young, gorgeous prostitute. The Soubre' Problem: In this bittersweet tale, Charlie, a famous American journalist, retreats to his favorite resort to do some serious writing as the finale of his career. He is distracted from his task, however, by Whitey, a ganja peddler, John, a Canadian ex-patriot with a passion for helping the downtrodden, and Isabella, a breathtaking street hooker, who reminds him of a tragic mishap during an assignment in Africa. Besides the suspense of both these stories, we get a good look at the area and culture of this fabulous place.

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