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Journey to the Temple of Ra

Length: 453 pages5 hours


“The Return” has been prophesied for millennia. The very year predicted now approaches. And THEY have been formulating a plan...

A young traveler wanders into a village unaware of the guidance that led him there. His life is about to change.

The journey that ensues takes him to distant lands, myriad teachings, and diverse cultures. Yet obstacles abound. The perpetual turning of the Wheel of Fortune keeps karma and justice in check. Not even the Gods can control or predict its mysterious ways. Furthermore, the Perfection of the Universe is difficult to see. To the uninitiated, it can appear as an arduous task or a poignant challenge.

Teachers and mystics have been prepared for him, but much healing is needed to resolve his burdens from the past. His calling is grand, but his latent gifts must be developed and honed before he is ready for the task.
This young man must follow his own inclinations to meet each endeavor. And he forever retains the free will to accept or refuse what is offered. Will he hear and heed the messages given? Can he overcome a troubled past? Does he have the endurance to complete the Journey to the Temple of Ra and unveil his life purpose?

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