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Legacies, An American Journey

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War is a nightmarish, ugly and horrific event that has plagued humankind from the very beginnings of history. During the first half of the twentieth century, wars clearly delineated the combatants between the forces of good and evil. The Vietnam War blurred these lines, but the end result was the same; too many good young men died following the orders of evil old men.

But another war was being fought on the streets of Italy and America, and it clearly defined and pitted the evil forces of La Cosa Nostra against the good soldiers of law enforcement; men sworn to uphold the law and protect the innocent.

Their story describes the very human side of these immigrant warriors, and recalls events that never made it into any history books or newspapers, and for good reason! Follow this family's story as their lives intertwine in American society, World War II and the Vietnam Conflict. You’ll laugh, cry and cringe as you enjoy one of the most exciting, and hilarious, unofficial histories of war and law enforcement of the 20th century.

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