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Twist of Fate

Length: 258 pages3 hours


Love can be deadly.

Savvy never meant to take Will’s life—honestly—and every day she experiences the crippling guilt. While on the run with Malcolm and her parents, she learns that Will—the cold, arrogant assassin—had a girlfriend. This girl never knew Will drew his last breath in Greece, and now her life is in danger. Savvy lies to her parents, and Malcolm, and flies to Prague to rescue Will’s girlfriend from an untimely death, hoping to save her relationship with Malcolm, and pay her debt to Malcolm’s family. But nothing goes as planned.

It’s Malcolm’s job to keep Savvy and her parents safe and in hiding. When he’s attacked in the backyard, Malcolm knows their cover is blown. He hustles everyone out of the safe house and to a shelter. A special agent tracks Malcolm down and wants him to hunt down dangerous assassins in exchange for a clean slate. Thinking Savvy is safe with her parents, Malcolm takes on this mission not expecting to put her life or their love on the line.

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