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The Vengeance Seekers

Length: 609 pages9 hours


The Vengeance Seekers - A Synopsis
Based on truth concerning the 20th century Nazi Holocaust that affected millions of innocents. The story tells how some of the rescuers of the holocaust victims formed squads exacting revenge against the perpetrators, the hated SS.
One squad grew out of control and some thought it could never be stopped. This is the story of that squad.
The various squads were an understandable phenomena that faded as people returned to their homes after the war. But one never faded and only grew stronger in its resolve to do what it considered the War trials failed to do, bring the perpetrators of the Holocaust, the SS, to justice and full retribution.
Born out of vengeance the retribution went on and on right into the 21st century and it appeared that it was beyond the best efforts of the police authorities worldwide to bring under control. But the police everywhere never gave up trying!
A classic series of murder mysteries of epic proportions.

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