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Erotic short story that starts right out with the devilish deed of high-powered sex with revenge. One woman's ambition to be caught by her ex having sex with a client is all too carefully thought out. The thrill of getting caught and seeking revenge is suddenly replaced with the true feelings she has for her client. Is it love at first sight that finally wins over her determination and desire to seek revenge? Could all of this work out in favor as she gets the last laugh before leaving her ex's company to start her own by taking half his clientele with her?
Getting caught is only half the fun. Experiencing the moments that she fantasized about take precedence over all the hurt she felt from her ex's betrayal. If starting anew would feel so good, she has to wonder why she did not do all of this sooner. Perhaps it took the right man that captivated her the moment he walked into her office.
A short erotic story with just a bit of romance to make you feel as if the team you were cheering for wins again. A woman scorned can be a scary thing, but when she builds her revenge silently and it all plays out perfectly, there is no happier ending than that.
This author writes short erotic stories with sultry seductions to romantic rendezvous, always leaving you with a devilish smile on your face. Please see her selection as each story will take you on a new and exhilarating ride of reading.

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