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Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

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Set Your Sails to Catch the Winds of Revival with New Book: Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

Author's title unveils false prophets within the modern day Church

Recipient of First Place award in Ministry category of the Spring 2009 Christian Choice Awards

False prophets have invaded the Church and captivated the minds of unprepared people. Although their messages sound authentic, they lack biblical authority. All signs point to the fact that the Church is in desperate need of a revival.

In author Thomas P. Hill's Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: False Prophets in the Church, the author provides a scriptural description of such frauds and the proper response of Christ-followers to them so this revival may become a reality.

Says Hill, "This book offers the full truth about the modern day Church and its serious crises regarding the presence of false prophets in the Church. These studies: describe the conditions in the Church that cultivated this crisis, draw a picture of the characteristics of false prophets, delineate canons of Scripture that are at stake, and declare the course of action that Christ-followers must take to stem the decline of the Church and to set their sails to catch the winds of revival."

A resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Hill credits his 47 years of Bible research and preaching, ¬and a change in the global spiritual climate as the impetus for writing this book.

As the director of Master Ministries International, Inc., Hill calls the followers of Christ to revival through the audio, video, and blog messages provided on his website.

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