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T-Rex's Ferocious Lust

Length: 16 pages14 minutes


Warning: this erotic 4,000+ word story is sexually explicit and unsuitable for those younger than 18. It contains steamy scenes of beast sex, ten-foot plus reptile cock, and geyserloads of ejaculate. It is meant for the open-minded and sexually adventurous.

Brit, a fearless and unapologetic woman, finds herself alone on a Friday night. Three delicious screwdrivers later, she's poring over her great grandmother's diary, keeping pace with strange, time-traveling entries.

Brit comes across her great grandmother's incantation and repeats it, only to discover that nothing happens--or does it?

She falls asleep and awakens to a clearing in the jungle where a mighty T-Rex confronts her and, snatching her up between his serrated teeth, he takes her to his feeding grounds to have his ferocious way with her.

It must have been at least twelve feet long. I’m only five feet and some change; this thing was far larger than two of me put together.

A sudden pang throbbed into existence underneath my panties. I saw his cock as a challenge. I wanted to mount it, to ride him until he couldn’t handle me anymore.

I wanted to be the first, and only, human to ever bring the greatest predator to ever live to completion.

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