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Thick as Thieves: The Family Jewels

Length: 41 pages39 minutes


But will Wheeler regret becoming entangled with this beautiful larcenist or will he end up with just a stolen heart?"

This 10,000 + word historical M/M romance features danger, adventure and sizzling sex scenes. Part 1 of the upcoming Thick As Thieves series.

Excerpt: "To my utter shame I must admit that when the safe door swung open, I was relieved enough almost to faint but I managed to keep to my feet as Dunham reached in and removed a large jewelry case. He turned to face me, lifted the lid of the case and showed me the spectacular set of jewels within. Sapphire and diamond necklace, choker, earrings and bracelet of almost breathtaking beauty, rivaled only by his own face, shining as it was with pride in his accomplishment.

He tipped the priceless gems into a black silk bag he produced from I knew not where and tucked it in the pocket of his frockcoat.

“I propose a celebration, my dear boy. Are you up for it?” He asked giving that two letter word the most provocative emphasis, even as he once again moved in to my personal space, guiding me backward until my arse was pressed against the hard mahogany of the family dining table.

“You cannot be serious,” I whispered. My voice was ragged, my blood pounding wildly in a rush through my veins but alas, my distress was not only from terror at being caught and this time, jailed for good or even worse, hung from the gallows. No, my traitorous body was in complete agreement with Dunham’s outlandish suggestion if the sudden obvious state of my arousal through my trousers wasn’t evidence enough.

He laughed and with surprising strength, hoisted me up far enough to sit on the table and pushed me onto my back in one fluid motion. “For all my playful talk, I’m rarely unserious as you’ll eventually find out,” he said and began to strip off every stitch of his elegant clothing with a practiced hand."

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