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The Final Confrontation

Length: 344 pages5 hours


Dante Stament always considered himself as an average guy with an average life... but he soon found out that he had a not-so-average destiny. After being shot and killed by a thief, Dante meets God, who reveals to him that he has been chosen to become a General to the Army of Angels upon the battlefield between good and evil. There is only one problem though, Satan knows of a sort of loophole; the rule of freewill in humans, and he plans to use that and Dante's hardships to convince Dante to otherwise join him and lead Hell's Hordes of Demons instead. As Dante learns the truth behind good and evil bringing him closer to God, Satan recruits Martin, Dante's best friend, as his minion. With the entire world being destroyed by the 7 plagues foretold in the Book of Revelations, Dante must survive the last 7 days, and keep his friends safe as well, fighting hordes of demons, possessed human beings and his former best friend, all of which are on a mission to kill Dante before he can transform into the "Datis" and free humanity from Satan's grasp, allowing God to deal with Satan firsthand upon the battlefield of the Final Confrontation....

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