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The Last Man (Dystopian Breeding Erotic Romance) (New Adult Romance)

Length: 102 pages1 hour


In a world without men...

Jake the drifter may very well be the last man in the world and Jane is a determined road warrior who intends to have him for herself. He's looking for meaning in his life, she's looking for a reason to live.

Jane has lead an empty life, logging hundreds of hours into her job transporting supplies from town to town in a big rig. Struggling with her father's disappearance, she prefers to stay far away from her depressing home, Eden, and dream of a world where men exist.

At a trucker stop, she finds what may be one of the last young men in existence, Jake, and can't help but fall in love with what she has never seen before. She rescues him from a ruthless scavenger, unknowingly enslaving Jake to a life of breeding with the women of Eden.

Jake's hermit-like existence has kept him out of sight for years. In a desperate attempt to find food, he crosses a major highway and is spotted by a ruthless scavenger, who beats him into submission and plans to sell him to a community hundreds of miles away.

"The Last Man" is an erotic romance about two people struggling to find freedom and love in a world that has fallen apart. Warning! Contains explicit content.

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