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Misty Blue 2: Loaded for Bear

Length: 191 pages3 hours


‘Where ‘ave you been all your life, Misty?’
‘Breathing free air and following the deer, my friend. Trekking the high country with nothing but a pistol and war hawk by my side. Out there I have a long arm for a bedfellow, sweet grass for my rest and a pillow of moss soft as butter a-laying under my cheek. Don’t need no more, I start each day with a taste of bright spring water, cold from the mountain ice and over my head a roof of skies that never ends. Come what may it’s all the same to me. I ain’t about to give that up just yet awhile. I’m ready and willing and loaded for bear.’

Wyoming 1868
Misty Blue will buckle for no man and is back again and cutting up rough on a deadly rescue mission.
He and his buckskin buddies travel into a heart of darkness as they battle with a damnably persistent foe bent on revenge and three hard cases that won’t take no for an answer. And that’s before they’ve even arrived at their mountain destination, where old friends and new enemies await them.
It’s bound to be a hell of a ride for the Mountain Men – A hard drinking, hard fighting, tall-tale telling, bunch of rascals who can truly say they are the last of a breed.

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