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Ready Reference Treatise: The Time Machine

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“The Time Machine” by H. G. Wells was first published in 1895. It is a science fiction novella.

The credit of popularizing the scientific concept of time travel goes to “The Time Machine.”

There happens to be a vehicle in the story and it allows an operator to travel purposefully and selectively in time.

The term ‘time machine’ was coined by H. G. Wells, but now it is universally used to refer to a vehicle that can travel in time, both in future and past.

“The Time Machine” happens to be an early example of the Dying Earth subgenre.

The book has been adapted into two feature films of the same name. Two television movie versions have also been made. Several comic books were also published with the story of the book.

Ready Reference Treatise: The Time Machine
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Plot Summary
Chapter Three: Characters
Chapter Four: Complete Summary
Chapter Five: Critical Commentary

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