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Fetch: A Trilogy Of Terror

Length: 83 pages1 hour


Three stories. Two people. One unstoppable need for vengeance.

The town of Viculus, Tennessee is rich in folklore and superstition, small-town Americana, and is a place where no one knows a stranger. It also contains a deadly plot enticing enough to lure two college students into its web of unspeakable evil.

On a picturesque Autumn weekend, Allison Locke invites her fiancé Riley Garrett to her hometown of Viculus for a quick getaway. While there, they stumble upon three unique stores: an antique clock store, a glamour boutique and an exotic pet store. As they venture into each store, they learn all three possess a very unique, and deadly, past.

Riley not only learns of the town’s rich and bizarre history, but he also learns that Allison is harboring a peculiar secret. It’s a secret that could not only affect their future, but also teaches Riley that some things should just stay buried.

And those that don’t can kill you.

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