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Out of Texas 1: The Gaunt-Faced Grappler

Length: 145 pages1 hour


Back in the 1960s there was a cartoon show, Tennessee Tuxedo, about a penguin trying to make it in the world of men. Combine that with some Green Acres surrealism and a bit of Rocky and Bullwinkle wordplay and you have OUT OF TEXAS, an episodic fantasy chronicling the exploits of a cat that turns itself into a human being in a quest for acceptance and identity. Each tale spoofs a different genre, with each story building upon the other toward an eventual climax.

1. Dark Encounter -- Stepping out of a dense fog, a small gaunt-faced fellow with dark hair and blue eyes, who oddly resembles a cat seen earlier, confronts Jon Raas on a road out of Dallas. A spoof of the 1950s horror movie, The Crawling Hand.

2. Idolatry -- Political correctness counts as our cat-like hero confronts a vengeful South American idol stalking a Houston city park.

3. If It Quacks Like a Doc -- In homage to the “Doc Savage” pulp novels, Doc Quack and his test-tube created cohorts use their devastating FAY Ray to commit robbery and blackmail.

4. Serious Matters -- The gaunt-faced grappler helps solve the disappearance of participants at a charity golfing event.

5. Who Razed You? -- A “Who” style rock opera wherein our hero battles the renegade scientist “5:15” and his Independent Power Bass.

6. Lettuce Prey -- In the tradition of Godzilla, a giant Japanese cabbage from the Nat King Coleslaw Company menaces the Houston Ship Channel until the gaunt-faced grappler is pressed into service to pilot a karaoke robot, the Super Song Machine.

7. Penetration -- A female basketball player collapses at the free throw line, her spirit passing into the ball. The ball attacks our hero while, back at the hospital, the Little Richard quoting “Dr L” attempts to bring the girl back to reality.

8. Brainstorming -- A Mexican “El Santo” movie in which the gaunt-faced grappler pays a Halloween visit to the home of retired actors Jon Parradine and Evelyn Ankles and saves them from ghosts of the past.

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