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Full Swap: The True Story of a Swinging Couple, Volume Four: Double Dipping

Length: 32 pages27 minutes


Please note: Although one classification of this book is "fiction: erotica," this is done only for advertising purposes and because of classification limitations. Read on...

My husband and I enjoy the swinger lifestyle and wanted to share it with the world. All of the events described in this series are true, except on those rare occasions when certain identifying details must be left out to protect people we have "played with."

This volume depicts those rare instances -- at least so far -- when we've reached back into our little black book and invited past sexual partners back over. There are two stories of single men and two stories of couples. Unlike past volumes, these stories are not told in chronological order. These took place throughout the sexual adventures we've had.

Let the fun begin!

Warning: This title includes scenes of graphic sex. Do not read if this offends you in any way.

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