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Salt Spring Island Murders

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Salt Spring Island lies close to the City of Victoria on Vancouver Island. Prior to 1870 no less than five murders occurred on this island. Only one murder resulted in a criminal accusation. The others were dealt with pre-emptorily by the authorities as committed by Indians, providing great difficulty in determining which Native committed the crime. Solely in the case of William Robinson, a colored land owner whose roots stemmed into the soouther United States, was a person charged: an Indian named Tshuanahusset. He was tried and hung.
The documentation available have become the basis for a novel.
The last of the murders resulted in the widow making contact with Pouge Monbeton to determine who murdered her husband, Kwasi.
Pouge's trek into the society of the time stumbles on a series of interesting facts which assist in determining the motive and the perpetrators of these crimes. This includes evidence which indicate that Tshuanahusset was innocent. The difference in the bullet shot from a Browning muzzle loading rifle from a Browning breech load rifle also assist in the determination.

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