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My Carp Fishing Life (Ecton And Beyond)

Length: 86 pages1 hour


'My Carp Fishing Life' is Steve`s fourth book. His first three were 'From gudgeon to Carp', 'More Carp Fishing' and 'Carp Fishing Tips and Theories'.
This book continues the journey through his Carp Fishing Life from where 'More Carp Fishing' ended. It describes a lot of the fishing that Steve did in France, but not on the easier commercial waters where a lot of anglers fish, and where every Carp has a name. Many anglers enjoy those type of waters, but Steve prefers the less well-known venues, where there is still a little bit of mystery. The next fish could be a double, or it could be the fish of a lifetime, and that just adds to the excitement.
The book tells of all the successes and failures, plus all of his adventures along the way, including some dramatic highs when catching some wonderful fish, but also some devastating lows that all true Carp anglers can identify with.
The book has parts that are full of humour, parts of tragedy and parts full of pure elation.

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