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I Didn't Know it Was You

Length: 427 pages6 hours


At her high school reunion, Valerie Thompson is intrigued by an attractive and sexy dark haired man. His brown, soulful eyes draw her in and bring her a sense of security that has always eluded her. Though she can’t remember who he is, what his name is or what their relationship was, he makes it clear he knows exactly who she is. When he playfully refuses to divulge his identity, Valerie reflects on her tumultuous teenage years, disastrous young loves and numerous adolescent regrets hoping to discover his identity.
Eliminating the possibilities, she finally puts a name to the handsome face and remembers the one heated night they shared all those years ago. She also realizes the mistake she made when she shut him out of her life.
Prepared to correct her mistake, she'll travel half way around the world to make things right, if he’ll let her.

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