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Bears Unbound (Triple Box Set)

Length: 215 pages2 hours


This 56,000+ word book contains three of the hottest bear shifter novellas to hit the Paranormal Romance and Erotica bestseller lists in 2013. Assembled as a single volume they include... Forced by Bears, Honey for the Bears and Her Wolves Their Bear.

Please note: If you have previously purchased all of these titles separately, you do not need to buy this book.

Forced By Bears (A Virgin in the Den)

Allie Tucker is a good girl in dire need of a sexual awakening. Since she arrived in town to care for an ill relative, she's secretly lusted after her sexy bosses - the Reeves brothers, Victor and Nicholas. What she doesn't know, and could never imagine, is that they've sized her up as well. But, they seek much more than trivial pleasures of the flesh. They are prepared to give her the satisfaction she's craved but only on one condition...

Successful businessmen, the brothers are used to getting their way in commerce and in life. Now, the only thing that’s missing is the woman they’ve needed to provide them with they must have.

But it cannot be just any woman - only a woman like Allie will do.

When a freak blizzard strands her at their homestead, she accidentally discovers their family's shifter secret. Exposed, the brothers immediately make their demands of her clear. Although she is filled with fire and lust for both of them, will it be enough for Allie to capitulate and provide them with what they desire?

Her Wolves, Their Bear

In her young life, Jessi Wilder had always been surrounded by... the same.

Same scenery. Same friends. Same thing every day.

And, for the most part, that was fine with her. After all, bear shifters were a peaceful bunch who only wanted to live and let live. Yet, something always gnawed at the curvy young woman.

The truth was that deep inside she yearned for... the different.

Different sights. Different scents. Different men.

But when different made its sudden appearance one day in the form of two mysterious and sexy strangers, Jessi’s world of sameness threatened to unravel. Helpless to avoid their pursuit of her, Jessi soon discovers that her desire for the different and wild things of the world has its consequences - both good and bad.

Honey for the Bears

When Honey Thompson moved to Troubled Fork, the sassy curvy girl should have known better...

The town was named that for a reason.

Normally a peaceful place, the Fork has been besieged by bear attacks in recent weeks. Residents are terrified and the lifeblood of the town, tourism, has all but dried up. Desperate, the Mayor has demanded that the problem be fixed, or else.

The man in charge of getting it under control is Brock Walters. A bear of man himself, he's as sexy as they come and easily the hunkiest hunk this side of the Rockies. Tongues wag wherever he goes and five alarm panty fires are not at all uncommon when he's around. He is also, ironically enough, Captain of the Troubled Fork Fire and Rescue Department.

When a random encounter brings Honey and Captain Hot Buns together, that's when all hell breaks loose. Before long, Troubled Fork is up to its collective eyeballs in wild animals, curses and other assorted mayhem - including unexpected desires. But mysteries have a way of deepening and this one more than most, much more than anyone even suspects.

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