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Cats Uncaged (Triple Box Set)

Length: 213 pages2 hours


This 56,000+ word book contains three of the hottest big cat shifter novellas to hit the Paranormal Romance and Erotica bestseller lists in 2013. Assembled as a single volume they include... Bride of the Pride, Tigers on Tour and Black Seduction - Pursued by the Panther.

Please note: If you have previously purchased all of these titles separately, you do not need to buy this book.

Bride of the Pride

For almost as long as she can remember, curvy wolf shifter Ellie Daniels has been doing everything in her power to attract the attention of Lukas, a young wolf in her pack that she’s lusted after...

Unfortunately for her, competition for Lukas’ attention is stiff. After all, he’s destined to challenge for alpha status. Not to mention the fact that here are plenty of other females her age that are sleeker and sexier than she. Determined, she recently decided to give it one last try and started working out in an effort to improve her chances.

What she doesn’t realize is that the gym that she joins is owned by shifters as well...but not of her kind. Lion shifter brothers Ben and Jason Patterson have eyes for the curvaceous female wolf. However, once the brothers make their feelings known, Ellie is left with an impossible choice of love versus loyalty.

Tigers on Tour

Orphaned as an infant, Anabelle Mitchell had grown accustomed to the unfairness of life’s lottery. Throughout her short twenty-two years, the curvy young woman had been let down by people and circumstances more often than she cared to remember.

Because of that, she had long ago made a deal with life. She opted for what she knew she could get – scholarships, a career and financial independence and in exchange, she gave up that which she craved – being needed, wanted and most of all, loved. It was a reluctant bargain but one she felt certain would keep her safe from life’s jagged edges, hazardous moments and dangerous men.

But an unlikely glitch in her life plan has brought her face-to-face with all of those things at once in the form of two brothers - Armin and Tanner Vossler. Tiger shifters and front men for the wildly popular indie rock group, Stung by Fate, they are the antithesis to the stability Anabelle has so long sought from life.

Initially she is repulsed by their bad boy reputations. But soon she discovers that there is more – much more – to them than their sexy rocker personas and rumored womanizing ways.

Black Seduction - Pursued by the Panther

Becoming infatuated with hard bodied Lex was the last thing on Marney's mind when she arrived at her vacation destination a few short weeks ago. She's been driving herself mad with lust for him safely convinced that he would never have any interest in a curvy girl like her. But, she is sorely mistaken...

What she doesn't know is that the black panther shifter has cast a lustful eye on the voluptuous girl since she came to town. She soon realizes she's gotten more than she's bargained for with the dark eyed, almond skinned hunk. His pursuit is relentless, focused and unstoppable - as an alpha cat's should be.

It seems as if her presence has unleashed his animal. Worst of all, it could be too late to put it back in the cage...

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