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Yes Mistress, How Dog and His Mistress Celebrate Christmas

Length: 57 pages1 hour


Yes Mistress is a collection of Holiday themed, soft-core, BDSM stories numbering twelve and including wax, animal, furniture, turkey,doll, kidnapping,reindeer, maid, stocking, bondage and a few other things. All participants are willing and over the age of consent. There is also an element of sweetness as Dog and Mistress really do care for each other.
I make no statements as to the legitimacy of my portrayals though they have some limited root in my own experiences.

An older imagining of this story, titled, Twelve Days of Christmas, A Collection of Stories about a Sub and His Mistress and How They Celebrate the Holiday Season is currently up for sale along side Yes, Mistress.It contains several of the same themes but is more geared towards those who would like to put themselves in the main character's shoes and is intentionally left with a minimum of specific detail while in this one, every detail is described fully. These tasty, titillating, soft core BDSM stories include most of the more common kinds of animal and object play, including living X-mas trees!

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