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Length: 434 pages5 hours


Life for a wildling is tough. Survival depends on how far you can run and how well you can hide. Dorn has run a very long way and learned to hide very well. More than that he has made a home for himself in the wastes – a land so dangerous that his enemies would not dare venture into it. His family are lost, maybe dead. He is alone. But he is safe.

Still when he killed a harpy to save the life of a woman he knew it was a dangerous mistake to make. He had no idea how dangerous.

He didn't know that the dusky elves were riding through the wastes killing and enslaving his kind. He had no idea that the black priests were also riding for them, planning on burning them alive. And he never knew that an ancient war was coming to his home.

But he would soon learn that the time for hiding was over. On two legs or four it was time to run again – or fight.

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