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Sensual Dominance: Billionaire Romance

Length: 110 pages1 hour


Three Stories. Irresistible seduction. Undeniable love.
Hearts and bodies entwine in this collection of novellas from steamy romance writer, Lane Masters.

The Billionaire’s Playroom: Allison finds herself stranded on the road, caught between the oncoming force of a lightning storm and the open car door of billionaire Craig Westford. Which is more dangerous—the man or the storm? The man. Definitely the man.

The Billioniare’s Passion: With the allure of the ocean around them, Grayson Harbor whisks Tessa away to his private, exclusive deck of the cruise ship. But the intensity of their desire quickly turns to raw heat as he binds her to his bed...and his heart.

The Billionaire’s Pleasure: An unexpected revelation changes Rachel’s life--and heart--forever.

Steam up your Kindle and warm your heart tonight with this romantic collection!

Allison’s attention was yanked away from the approaching storm by the rumble of a car pulling up alongside of her. With one glance, she took in the surprising sight of a brand-new Maserati sports car-- not exactly the vehicle she would have expected to see on this deserted road. It was a shiny black, with glowing chrome, and tinted windows. It’s sleek, dark form took her breath away, every inch of it exuding luxury and expense. It instantly cast an aura of wealth around the man behind its wheel.
Allison couldn’t control the expression of surprise on her face when she finally drew her eyes away from the hot car and looked at the driver. He was smoking just as much as the car was. Black hair feathered away from his brow, as dark, piercing eyes searched hers. High cheekbones whispered of Native American ancestors, but the dusky shade of a 5 o’clock shadow at his square, strong jaw gave away his European blood. For some strange reason, he looked familiar, but she knew she had never met anyone who could afford a car like this.
He cracked his car window, lowering it just enough to speak out, and leaned over the passenger seat toward her. Of course, with her own car as dead as a doorknob, rolling down her own window was not an option. She hesitated. He was a total stranger. How many times had she heard horror stories about meeting total strangers on a dark road?
But then a lightning bolt struck a tree somewhere up ahead, and the sudden crash made her jump sky high. Which was more dangerous? The man or the storm? She glanced back at the man, taking in his piercing gaze and smoldering good looks. Definitely the man.

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