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Following the 1st mixtory "Varjavand" on a future King of kings and Ultra-superhero in Persian, Baktash produced the 2nd mixtory "Librorin" on a love story in English. While in New York Baktash published Librorin in a very limited edition (10 copies) at a copy store for the very first time. He cut the cards out, collated and placed each set in the 10 covers already prepared and then set out on a crowded street close to the Time square placing several copies by the wall on the pavement shouting out aloud: "Mixtory, each time you get a different story" or "Mixtory, mix them up and you get a different story". No one seemed interested and maybe that evening in that busy noisy street in central New York no one ever heard or hardly had any time to find out what was on offer.

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