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Rat in the Soup

Length: 307 pages4 hours


A deplorably funny tale of passion, crime and dubious food.
Simon Harcourt, resident of London’s sophisticated Knightsbridge area, shops at Harrods and drives a Porsche. He is intelligent and urbane, but can he save the great Washpond's Food company from its chief executive's decisions and its chemist’s inventions?
Too many women pass briefly through Simon’s life, and he struggles to count them, despite a degree in Mathematics. When he meets a number of respectable ladies, it makes sense to take an interest in them instead. Will Simon's cavalier attitude survive, or might one of the females bring him under the thumb? More than one is prepared to try.
Warning: this book contains strong women and may be disturbing to men of a nervous disposition. The descriptions of processed food should not be read at mealtimes.

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