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Blindfolded and Blindsided

Length: 16 pages14 minutes


Adrianna and her new boyfriend, Kurt, have been upping the ante in clubs with their friends. It started with harmless flirting, then more risqué dancing, and now a step beyond. All Adrianna knows is that it makes the nights more fun when they get home, there is no harm in a little harmless flirting is there?

Adrianna may find out that the flirting isn’t so harmless after all...


That was a fun night, thought Adrianna with a smile. They had gone out dancing with his friends, everyone was so nice to her even though she was the new girl in the group. At Kurt’s insistence, Adrianna had worn the outfit he picked out. The short skirt with thigh highs earned her plenty of admiring stares. Her tight tank top was too small; she was spilling out of the top of it. That earned plenty of stares, as well as jealous looks from the women. She knew from past experiences that the sexier she dressed in public the hotter the sex would be when Kurt dragged her home from the club early. Adrianna loved the fact that the relationship was still in the beginning phase, the sex was incredible.

Adrianna smiled at the memory of the shots at the bar, then the girls all getting a little adventurous and dancing with each other, putting on a show for the boys. Her cheeks reddened while she thought of Tom and his girlfriend Amber.


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