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Predator Patrol

Length: 266 pages4 hours


Without a job, Mars Cannon becomes prey to Mrs. Janowski’s newest project. Predator Patrol. Along with four feisty seniors, Mars searches for Internet predators. Hoping she doesn’t run across any, she becomes friends with a young boy who crushes her in every Internet game they play. However, as their friendship grows, so does a dangerous problem. Is he really who he says he is?

With no money and no job prospects, Mars finds herself at the door of a notorious biker bar. The surly owner has no time for her and finds her completely unsuitable for the job. Unfortunately, Mar is desperate. She’ll fight for the job even if it means having to stop bar brawls; a skill she has yet to learn.

And where are Brett and Evan? Mars has yet to hear from either of them. The combination of no money, no job, and no man can be brutal enough . . . add a predator, and it’s deadly.

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